Apparently, There is no 4th Amendment at the University of Kentucky

No 4th Amendment at the University of KentuckyThe conduct of two University of Kentucky police officers is under review after a student posted a video on YouTube showing them threatening the student with expulsion and forcing their way into his dorm room to perform an illegal search.

The video, posted by a user who identifies himself only as “Peter Dimples,” is entitled “I hate cops” and has already surpassed 400,000 views. It shows to warrantless officers, who accused the student of dumping alcohol from his dorm room window, invoking some sort of “administrative rights” to enter the room and search for more alcohol. While the University of Kentucky’s campus housing policy does allow school officials and police to enter students’ dorm rooms, it does not allow warrantless searches. “Authorization to enter a student’s room under this policy does not constitute authorization to conduct a search of the room.”

In the video, one officer can be heard telling the student, “We are going to get you kicked out,” for barring them entry. Without consent, the officers push past the student and begin searching the room for alcohol. None was found.

The officer who threatened to get the student expelled can be heard saying that there, “is no fourth amendment,” as he searches the refrigerator.

University spokesman Jay Blanton told the conservative blog CampusReform.org that “the UK Police Department is reviewing this matter” but would not answer further questions.


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